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THIS is the Power of Crystal Grids | Welcome to the Crystal Grid Experience

If you’re a lightworker, chances are you’ve heard the term “crystal grid”, but perhaps you don’t fully know what they are or how to use them or even what their purpose is.  As lightworkers, crystal grids nourish us and our Soul’s mission in powerful, palpable ways!  It is my belief that all lightworkers need to understand and utilize the power of crystal grids. The crystals we use are energetic beings that offer assistance and amplify our personal desires – consider them friends from the mineral world, assisting us with our lives.  The more we get comfortable with, and understand crystals, the more they are able to serve us and our intentions.
Single crystals are incredibly powerful tools in their own right, but what happens when we utilize multiple crystals in grid formation? The result is focused amplification that works both inward and outward – drawing supportive energies to us and our desires, and sending the resonance of our desires into the field of potentiality to meet “like” resonance. Sounds pretty amazing right? Amazing doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface, it is like intention setting with the energy dialed to full blast!

Powerful, Focused, Effective.

Ready to Jump In?

You likely already know if this experience is right for you!  As a lightworker, creating crystal grids is a powerful way to assist and support you in the work that you are here to do.  Let me show you all the ways that crystal grids enhance and support you on your journey.

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Above and beyond my expectations!!

Sara Love The Crystal Grid Experience is an amazing course!! I’ve collected crystals for some time now and recently received a grid, but put it away since I didn’t know how to use it. Then this course came through and it was above and beyond my expectations!! Sherri provides grids to practice with, then each module we learned how everything connects, from our grids, to the crystals, and to ourselves! We then learned how best to create a grid for our intentions.

Sherri is wonderful too, her energy and passion for crystals and grids really shines through, and she has taught me so much! I’m working with my crystal grid to create the life I desire, and the magic from it so far is amazing!! This is a wonderful course to unlock the power of the crystal grid and so much more!

Sara Love |

At every turn, I was surprised and delighted by what insight, beauty and useful information Sherri shared with us.

Denise DareCan I just tell you how much I love learning with Sherri?  She’s all heart and so wise. A perfect combination in a guide. When I first heard about Sherri’s Crystal Grid Experience, I immediately knew I wanted to be part of it because, well…

  • I adore Sherri!
  • Crystals feel like magic to me.
  • I had no idea what a crystal grid was or how to effectively harness the brilliant energy of these beautiful creations.
  • It sounded like so much fun!

Thank goodness I listened to my intuition and joined Sherri’s course. At every turn, I was surprised and delighted by what insight, beauty and useful information Sherri shared with us. I love how thorough all the presentations are, how detailed and informative the field guides are, and how warm the entire community is. Even now, after the course has been finished for a while, we are still sharing our grids and supporting one another like sisters in a loving community. This is part of what makes Sherri so wonder~full…she is pure love and she attracts such open-hearted, enthusiastic, loving women to her work. And, can I tell you how much I appreciate and LOVE the grids Sherri inspired me and taught me to create? Currently, I have four crystal grids on altars around my home, each inviting a unique energy and intention into my experience. The one I created for my two daughters, for enduring love and deep kindness and beautiful connection, always calls to me…the center crystal reaches for the sky and most of the time when I walk by, I reach out my hand and touch it. I feel the energy of this grid soar through me and I see my girls wrapped in love and kindness. It is one of the most soothing and cherished simple practices in my day. Truly, crystals are magical. And when we know more about their power, we can align with and claim this potent co~creative force for manifesting what we desire with ease and love. If your intuition says yes and your heart is open, absolutely join Sherri’s Crystal Grid Experience. You will LOVE it.

Denise |

Its a living breathing experience, one that will have you riveted, focused, laughing and enjoying.

Cydney Mar I LOVED doing the Crystal Grid Experience that Sherri created ~ It has always been an area that I wanted to know more about, and Sherri’s course came up at exactly the right time for me. I feel like I “get it“ now, and so much more is happening for me now that I know, now that I am connected and more aware, and as you know one thing leads to another and away we go down the rabbit hole!!

For me I feel like I was able to connect to the why, and I now have enough knowledge of crystal grids to activate them, understand my relationship with them, how to choose and find crystals, and what will help me manifest my desires.

It’s a living breathing experience, one that will have you riveted, focused, laughing and enjoying. If you are curious about learning about Crystal Grids, why they work and want to know how to activate them, live with them and love them, then Sherri’s hand holding, great chuckle and incredible knowledge will be perfect.

Cydney Mar |

How can Crystal Grids Enhance my Life and Help me Achieve my Goals?

We are creating the meaning in our lives with every thought, with every word, with every action, with every intention whether we realize it consciously or not. We are running energy that is either serving us and our highest good, or not serving us and our highest good.  What does this mean?  As energetic beings, all persistent thoughts and beliefs create our energetic resonance, which is constantly being transmitted. This resonance draws like resonance to it, and this energetic resonance is what creates our lives in physical form. Think of it like a satellite in space – we’re down here, sitting on our couch, tuning in to our favorite HBO program.  We send out the request, and voila, the associated satellite picks up the signal and beams down our program. Seems like magic, doesn’t it?  Well, our energy operates in much the same way.

We are in a constant state of energetic transmission, beaming out signals seeking like resonance. All too often, what we are transmitting is not serving us or our desired outcomes. It sounds like a lot of work to stay on top of all this, to keep tabs on our persistent thought forms and beliefs. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool in our energetic toolkit that helps mitigate the runaway train that is our thoughts while assisting us with manifesting in physical form all that we desire?  This is where crystal grids can be an incredible ally as we consciously seek to create the life of our dreams; the life we know is possible yet feels just out of reach.

The wonderful thing about crystal grids is they work on our behalf 24/7!

Crystal grids continue to work on our behalf for as long as we keep them active.  Unlike other tools that may require consistent action on our part, crystal grids are self-modulating, they continuously run energy to serve us and our desires with little intervention from us. During this experience, we will be learning all about using crystal grids to help us manifest, and much more.

Where We’ll Journey in the Crystal Grid Experience

Unit One – All about Crystal Grids

In unit one, we go into detail about what crystal grids are, why we should create them, and learn all the ways they assist us with manifestation and living the life of our dreams.  We explore other uses for crystal grids and even look at the big picture view of the importance of crystal grids for our planet.  Along the way, we explore the history of grids as part of our evolutionary development, and all the ways that we are just natural grid builders. We close out the unit with a discussion on sacred geometry and how it fits into the big picture.  Unit one will really get you thinking!

Unit Two – Intentions and Resonance

In unit two, we dive deep into intentions and resonance.  We explore how intentions and crystal grids work synergistically to create our desired outcomes, and why understanding and utilizing the power of intention is key to our success.  We discover how our thoughts, words, and beliefs create reality and awaken an understanding of the importance of our personal vibration to our current world reality.  By the end of this unit, you will have the tools and understanding to craft effective intentions and a deep understanding of the connection between intention and resonance.

Unit Three – Choosing, Healing, and Caring for our Crystals

In unit three, we are going to explore the wonderful world of crystals.  Whether you’ve been working with crystals for years or are a complete newbie, this unit will be fun and enlightening.  We explore choosing crystals based on intuition versus specific crystal character traits as well as the basic guidelines for preparing our crystals so that they function at the very highest level.  Like humans, crystals need care and support to realize their fullest potential.  Finally, we draw correlations between the crystal world and our own existence and learn how crystals are powerful talismans for activating our Souls.

Unit Four – Let the Magic Begin!

Finally, in our fourth unit, we create our first intention based crystal grid, utilizing all the learning along the way.  We’ll explore various considerations, how to tie everything together, and walk away with a powerful grid working on our behalf and the confidence to create grids over and over again!

What’s Included in the Crystal Grid Experience?

  • A comprehensive instructional library of over 20 videos that can be revisited time and time again.
  • Downloadable pdf field guides that delve even deeper than the videos.
  • 4 sacred geometry patterns to print and create grids upon including the Vesica Piscis, the Seed of Life, the Flower of Life and the Metatron Cube
  • Membership in my VIP Customer List where I offer deep discounts on grids and other products especially for you!

Let's Create Magic!

Ready to Join?  Learning about and implementing the use of crystal grids is like a magical doorway into potential and possibility.  As we create living, breathing, works of art with sacred geometry, crystals, and intention, we become the artist of our lives, calling into physical form our deepest desires.


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Sherri has clearly poured her heart and soul into creating a course that makes powerful, sacred concepts both relatable and actionable — and fun!

Christine Callahan-Oke Are you ready to amplify your intentions and manifest amazing things in your life? If so, I highly recommend Sherri Hayter’s Crystal Grid Experience. It is, for lack of a better word, amazing!

Sherri has clearly poured her heart and soul into creating a course that makes powerful, sacred concepts both relatable and actionable — and fun! She guides you through the content with such passion and personality that you’re left wanting to explore and play long after the videos are over.

Whether you’re new to crystal grids or someone who has worked with them for a long time, you’ll find something special in The Crystal Grid Experience.

Christine Callahan-Oke |

Sherri's course really takes you deep, with learning about and understanding crystals and how they work.

Jessica RothTaking the Crystal Grid Experience with Sherri was incredibly fun and enlightening! I already had some knowledge of working with crystals, but Sherri’s course really takes you deep, with learning about and understanding crystals and how they work. And then taking those crystals a step further, by creating crystal grids. She is truly a wealth of knowledge, and she is eager to share this knowledge in her course.

I would highly recommend the Crystal Grid Experience if you are looking to deepen your connection with crystals, and learn how to build crystal grids – They can be a huge support system!

Jessica Roth | Jess Kay Designs

My Crystal Grid Awakening

My introduction into the world of crystal grids is a rather unorthodox one.  As a child of entrepreneurial parents, the backdrop of my entire life has been one of electronics manufacturing and design.  My parents owned a manufacturing company that designed of all things, lights!  As a lightworker, I’m truly amused by the humor of the Divine!

From about the age of 7, I learned how to build electronic circuit boards.  I learned how energy flows, what kinds of components were needed to create certain outcomes, and above all else, I learned a deep and revered respect for energy.  Energy is everything, a powerful force that can be harnessed to create reality in physical form. The leap to crystals and grids is really not all that unusual, after all, most electronic components rely on crystalline structures, and creating crystal grids upon sacred geometry looks and feels very much the same as creating circuit boards to produce bright light.  In both instances, energy is run to produce an objective.

All these years later, I’ve realized that my childhood and young adulthood were preparing me for sharing this work with you now.  Never has there been a more important time for healing ourselves and the planet with the assistance of crystal grids. Crystal grids serve all of humanity, assisting greatly with the energetic shifts happening on our planet and within ourselves. It would be my great honor and privilege to have you join me on this exciting journey into the world of crystal grids!

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